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Legal News on Our Radar: Business, Prestige, and Law Around the World

By Raveler | Feb 27, 2015


We were honored to have been covered by the National Law Review earlier this month! The article, “The New Competition - Emerging Legal Technologies Out of Silicon Valley,” highlights Ravel alongside two other start ups innovating in the legal industry.

Other interesting legal news on our radar recently includes:

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Legal News on Our Radar: Comedy, Tech and Cuba

By Lily Robinton | Feb 9, 2015

January was a busy month at Ravel. We were thrilled to have our CEO, Daniel Lewis, appear in Forbes’ 30 under 30 for Law & Policy, and receive a shout out from Above the Law

We had our eye on some other interesting and quirky legal news as well, including:

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Skirting Copyright Issues in the Recent MLK Film Selma

By Lily Robinton | Jan 28, 2015

Few speeches are as recognizable as those of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Yet patrons of the recent film, Selma, a chronicle of King’s 1965 protest marches in Alabama that led to the passage of the Civil Rights Act of 1965, will not recognize the exact words from the speeches featured in the film. They were intentionally changed, perhaps needlessly, out of fear of violating copyright law.

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Guidelines for How to Cite An Unpublished Case

By Lily Robinton | Jan 12, 2015

Depending on whether you are in state or federal court, and whether you’re at the trial level or on appeal, you may be able to cite an unpublished case as precedent in your brief and memoranda. As the name suggests, “unpublished” or “unreported” decisions are judicial opinions that have not been published in any official case reporter.

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Legal analytics lessons learned from sports and politics

By Raveler | Jan 8, 2015

Data analytics and technology are creating competitive edges in fields that, like law, were traditionally viewed as more art than science. Professional sports, politics, and journalism are all turning to advanced data analytics to build winning teams, campaigns, and news coverage. In our view, those in the legal profession can also take advantage of better data analytics to gain a competitive edge.

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Best Practices with Boolean Search Terms

By Lily Robinton | Jan 5, 2015

Boolean search terms look straightforward, but ineffective boolean queries can lead to dozens of fruitless searches and hours of wasted research time, which in turn can be stressful and costly. Often the difficulty lies in stringing terms together in a way that makes the search too narrow and thus yield few, or worse, no results.

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5 Tips for Tackling Your Difficult Legal Research Question

By Lily Robinton | Dec 22, 2014

Whether you’re an associate treading water in BigLaw or you’ve hung your own shingle as a solo, odds are you’ll find yourself facing a difficult legal research question and hunting for case law to support your brief, memo, or client pitch. Here area few tips to keep you on your best game!

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